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Wesco Highliner 10-in Lace-To-Toe Boots - Brown - Mens

SKU: BR9710100
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Designed for climbing, Wesco combined all the necessary protective elements into their Highliner 10" Lace-To-Toe Redwood Boots without forgetting about comfort. Professional linemen, cable installers, and arborists will truly appreciate the thought and craftsmanship behind every pair of Highliners. You won't find this many features on any other boot.
  • 7 oz. full-grain leather
  • Leather side flap
  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank for comfort and maximum support
  • Leather 10 - 10-1/2 iron (.219" thick) half-slip for added support in the arch
  • Recessed metal heel breastplate (offers protection from climbing spurs)
  • #100 Vibram non-oil resistant sole and heel
  • Removable false tongue