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Asolo Boots

Asolo Boots for backpacking and hiking

Asolo backpacking and hiking boots

Since its inception in 1975, Asolo has gained an important worldwide leadership position in producing technical mountaineering shoes. Asolo's goal is to create great boots for all of your outdoor needs. From light walking to hiking, from backpacking to the most treacherous climbing, whether it be on ice or mixed terrain, Asolo boot range cover you from the most technical alpine demands to the more relaxed leisure activities.

Asolo boots are designed around the foot; flexible, lightweight, and at the same time, resistant. Fit and performance are their major strengths. Asolo breathable footwear is able to shock-absorb even on the toughest terrains, while keeping away humidity, water, and cold weather. The highly researched soles prevent slips and falls on the most slippery terrains.